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Cruising in a Porsche is an awesome experience. The torque and raw horsepower as you drive is why Porsche people are always envied by other drivers. Running your Porsche hard over and over again will definitely warrant routine service. Your Porsche is a everyday race car so to keep your performance consistent, monthly maintenance is always a good idea. At VE Motors , Al believes that working on the same vehicle consistently will give you the best chance of that brand new feel every time your Porsche is started.


VE Motors has repaired hundreds of Porsche over the years. Our mechanics are consistently educated on Porsche maintenance techniques as we work on different years and models. The relationship between our tools and the Porsche machine is consistent. We want you to know that we have Porsche down and that you are in good hands at VE Motors.


VE Motors strives to be the cleanest independent Porsche repair shop that you have ever visited. We know you believe that if we take care of our building then we’ll take care of your Porsche. You will find our facility run professionally by master mechanics. The selection of our vehicles and the clientele we service will leave you knowing that you are in good hands. Choose VE Motors for your Porsche service. You can pull your car in at any time. For expedited service please call ahead – 813-909-7240